Pony Wishbook

Pony Wishbook


     This magical book captures the imagination of every young child that ever wished they had a pony of their own.  Wondrous illustrations accompany a child’s delightful imagination of life with a pony: planting vegetables in the garden together, going to school, playing dress up, and more. Any child who has an active imagination will adore reading this book over and over again.

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Publisher: Baby Days Books
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Back Story

Pony WishBook was inspired by my amazing niece, Sarah, who, long ago, at the age of 6 was pretending to ride her imaginary pony down the streets of New York City. She was so carefree and happy. I wanted to capture that pure joy in a book about little girls and their special bond with ponies.

Written by: Sherry Been
Illustrated by: Keenon Dukes
Final Illustrations and looks director: Leslie Wing Orúe
Edited by: Liz Parker
Pre-Edited by: Dianna Stearns
Trailer created by: Damian Diassinos
Publisher: Baby Days Books

20 pages, color, 11×8.5 in. Ages 3-7, Grades 2-3

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