Fred the Frog

Fred the Frog

Author: Sherry Been

Children’s picture book about frogs

Children’s literature

Written by: Sherry Been
Illustrated and animations by: Leslie Wing Orue
Page Design and Layout by: Leslie Wing Orúe
Edited by: Liz Parker
Pre-Edited by: Dianna Stearns
Trailer created by: Leslie Wing Orue
Media content layout created by: Damian Diassinos
Publisher: Baby Days Books


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Here’s the tale of Fred the frog;
and how he found a real cool log.

It had bugs and things to eat;
So Fred moved in with all those treats.

This is where he lived and grew;
until he got too fat to move.

Count with Fred as he eats bugs;
along with fish and even slugs

An action-packed rhyming counting book for young readers. Children will follow Fred as
he hops through his bug-filled bog, slurping up slugs, nymphs, spiders and other bog
creatures. Young readers and counters alike will find joy in counting along with Fred
through this hungry adventure in his habitat.

Fred the Frog back story

This book was created many years ago and had been waiting for the perfect artist to capture the whimsical nature of the book. I was blessed with meeting Leslie Wing Orue, who brought each page of this book to life with his beautiful and charming illustrations and animations.

2 reviews for Fred the Frog

  1. sherrybeen

    “We LOVE Fred the Frog! My daughter just turned three, so counting pretty much ANYTHING is fun and exciting for her. This book with its adorable (and not scary!) bugs the fun, song-like rhymes were an instant hit with her. She loves the part about ‘Fred Slurrrping up lazy lice’ – it always makes her laugh when we read that part. Great illustrations, and great for counting with preschoolers, they won’t even realize they are learning. I hope Sherry Been writes more like this!”

    Misha P.

  2. sherrybeen

    Dear Sherry,
    You are a gifted writer. I smiled and laughed. And became a kid again. You are meant to bring this joy and laughter to children. God bless you and your


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