Pony Wish Book


Written by: Sherry Been
Art Director: Leslie Wing Orue
Illustrated: Keenon Dukes
Page Design and Layout: Leslie Wing Orúe
Edited: Elizabeth Parker
Music: David Lipari Junior – (Dying Seed)
Trailer created: Leslie Wing Orue
3D AR Designer: Damian Diassinos
Publisher: Baby Days Books

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A pony is a best friend
a child could ever need.
Better than a dog or cat,
and easier to feed.
They might take up lots of room,
and eat a lot of hay,
but having such a good friend,
is worth the price you pay!
A tale of a child wanting a Pony coming home with them from a fair….and then describing all of the fun things they would do together! Wondrous illustrations accompany a child’s delightful imagination of life with a Pony: planting vegetables in the garden together, going to school, playing dress-up, and more. Any child who has an active imagination will adore reading this book over and over again.
Fred the Frog back story

This book was inspired by my amazing niece, Sarah, who, long ago, at the age of 6 was pretending to ride her imaginary pony down the streets of New York City. She was so carefree and happy. I wanted to capture that pure joy in a book about little girls and their special bond with ponies.

Reviews / Testimonials


“We LOVE Fred the Frog! My daughter just turned three, so counting pretty much ANYTHING is fun and exciting for her. This book with its adorable (and not scary!) bugs the fun, song-like rhymes were an instant hit with her. She loves the part about ‘Fred Slurrrping up lazy lice’ – it always makes her laugh when we read that part. Great illustrations, and great for counting with preschoolers, they won’t even realize they are learning. I hope Sherry Been writes more like this!”

Misha P.

Dear Sherry, You are a gifted writer. I smiled and laughed. And became a kid again. You are meant to bring this joy and laughter to children. God bless you and your work.