If You Were a Frog

IF YOU WERE A FROG Is a children’s PICTURE book about frogs

Written by: Sherry Been
Illustrated by R.M. Copely
Page Design and Layout by Leslie Wing Orúe
Edited by: Liz Parker
Pre-Edited by: Dianna Stearns
Music: David Lipari Junior – (Dying Seed)
Trailer created by Leslie Wing Orue
Media content layout by Damian Diassinos
Publisher: Baby Days Books


Here’s a book you’ll want to read
Learn about frogs and all their needs.
How they live and how they grow
Many things you’ll want to know
A charming “what If” rhyming picture book for young readers who can explore the magical, wet world of frogs! Readers will learn about frog’s habitats, the kinds of things they like to eat, the sounds the make, how they hunt for food and hide from prey. The beautiful illustrations will keep children fascinated with the amphibian world and their imaginations will be hungry for more frog facts long after they are done reading!

Reviews / Testimonials


“I purchased this book for my four-year-old nephew, and then I got to read it to him when I visited during Christmas—he loves it! The big frog eyes on the cover were so inviting for him to want to pick it off of the bookshelf and the colorful frog illustrations continued on every page. He pointed out to me the illustrations of all the bugs and different kinds of frogs that we read about in the book. It is short enough to keep his attention span, (which is short at four) but has real learning opportunities about frogs inside of the fun rhymes.”

Lauren M

“If You Were a Frog” takes us into a world that’s often observed, but not always understood. Her appreciation for the wet and wiggly amphibian world is obvious, and that makes the book an easy and fun read. “If You Were a Frog” is a great introduction to natural science for kids and gives us all better knowledge of that world, and it’s creatures along the way.”

Diana Stearns, Editor